P W Well Services Ltd

Our Approach

P W Well Services Ltd’s overall goal is simply to deliver successful projects to our clients.

To achieve such a goal our business model is all about managing the risks associated with our operations and activities. Our work is conducted in what is considered a high risk environment, so we take a systematic and ongoing management approach throughout the lifecycle of a project.


The three main elements that we focus on to achieve our overall goal are:

  • Plant and Equipment
  • Competency Assurance
  • Integrated Management Systems

By effectively managing our risks with the interfacing of these three elements we can achieve successful outcomes which meet our client’s expectations. Suitable and sufficient barriers are required in well designed and maintained plant and equipment, or competency assurance and the application of our Integrated Management Systems at every life cycle stage.

Plant and Equipment

Using plant and equipment that is suitable, maintained and inspected onsite.

We will:

  • Ensure plant and equipment is fit for purpose and safe to operate and maintain
  • Establish regular inspections, testing and maintenance activities
  • Document and communicate any defects in the living action tracker
  • Conduct suitable independent verification of the barriers throughout the life cycle
  • Comply with applicable European Directives, Legislation and Regulations, best industry practices and manufactures instructions.

Competency Assurance

Ensuring the workgroup is competent, having the combination of training, skills, experience and knowledge and the ability to apply them to perform a task safely.

We will:

  • Ensure that all of the workgroup have a good understanding of the hazards associated with the project
  • Ensure that expectations and accountabilities are documented, communicated and understood
  • Formally assign safety critical tasks and the overall Competent Person onsite and Technical Authority offsite
  • Implement the competency assurance management system for the workgroup onsite
  • Ensure appropriate training has been given on the job and by specialist approved training providers
  • As a minimum standard our Drillers and Toolpusher have a valid IWCF Certificate

Intergrated Management Systems

Delivering a living Integrated Management System that supports us managing the risks associated with our operations.

We will:

  • Ensure the Integrated Management System complies with applicable EU Directives, Legislation, Regulations and International Standards such as BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007
  • Put in place suitable emergency response plans with practice drills onsite
  • Carry out assurance protocols (internal and external safety tours, inspections, reviews, audits and independent verification)
  • Ensure that all foreseeable risks are suitably and sufficiently managed and controlled to ALARP by utilising risk tools
  • Promote a positive safety culture throughout the company driven by strong safety leadership
  • Ensure the capacity to learn from incidents, near misses and SHE Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to bring about continual improvement