P W Well Services Ltd


John N Palmer

Managing director at P W Well Services Ltd

John started in the oilfield in 1978 working for Kenting Drilling and working up the ranks from a Roughneck to a Toolpusher, acquiring hands on experience and man management skills. In 1989 he joined Progentive Services Ltd as a Well Service Supervisor running and operating UK land well service rigs and intervention services. In 1994 he joined Candecca Resources as a Drilling Supervisor and then Drilling Manager. He gained international experience working as a Drilling Supervisor for Shell in Oman in 1999. In the year 2000 John saw an opportunity in the onshore UK market and set up a company called Oil Well Services 2000 Ltd, which still operates today. He works as an independent consultant to major oil and gas operators. In 2003 John went into business with Alan and formed the company P W Pumping Ltd. This company started out with just one hot oiling unit and now the company — renamed P W Well Services Ltd — owns an impressive fleet of workover units, wireline units, high pressure pumping units and other equipment. P W Well Services Ltd is now the market leading onshore UK well serving contractor and John is looking forward to further expansion in the near future. John currently heads up the workover services and oversees contracts, projects, logistics and operational management on a daily basis.

Alan Wilson

Operations Director at P W Well Services Ltd

Alan began his career in the oil and gas industry with a drilling contractor and successfully worked his way up the ranks to Supervisor. He currently has 23 years oil and gas experience in a number of different areas including: workovers, wireline/slickline, coil tubing, cementing, high pressure pumping and drilling. He has worked both internationally and nationally onshore and offshore. From his extensive range of experience he established P W Pumping Ltd in 2003 and has grown the company to be the leading onshore UK well serving contractor. Since expansion into a variety of sectors and services the company renamed itself to the present day P W Well Services Ltd. Alan currently heads up the intervention services and oversees engineering and operational management on a daily basis.