P W Well Services Ltd


Workover Services

A workover operation is essentially an extensive service on a well which requires interventions in the wellbore to sustain, restore or enhance production. Wells also require ongoing maintenance and repair, due to a number of factors such as wear and tear, age of the wellbore and the effects of the in-situ environment to which downhole equipment is exposed. The length of time required for a workover will vary from well to well depending on the proposed programme of works.

P W Well Services Ltd has a competent team of highly skilled and experienced personnel who have worked on numerous projects within the onshore United Kingdom market. Our team has delivered successful projects which not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations across the different sectors.

With our extensive experience within the onshore market we can quickly manage our operations and implement actions to the satisfaction of our clients, regulators, suppliers and interested third parties.

P W Well Services Ltd workover units and associated equipment can be used for a wide range of applications including:

  • Pulling and running completions operations
  • Pulling and running rods operations
  • Well kill operations
  • Circulating and well clean outs operations
  • Setting tools downhole operations
  • Wellhead change outs operations
  • Pressure testing operations
  • Supporting perforating operations
  • Supporting wireline/slickline operations
  • Supporting acid stimulation operations
  • Supporting cementing operations

Workover Services benefits include: 

  • Double and single stand workover rigs which are suitable to use, maintained, inspected and certified
  • Rig manufactured to API standards and European Directives
  • Competent workover crews who can work on a 12hr or 24hr project
  • Preparation of all necessary paperwork required to undertake the workscope
  • Safe system of work onsite and the proactive use of safety tools
  • Projects supported by management team offsite
  • Documentation for any project stored on our bespoke online server and also accessible in hard copies
  • Toolpushers and Drillers have valid IWCF certificates
  • Provision of technical assistance on the programme of works
  • Engagement with regulators and other interested third parties
  • Daily reporting using IADC guidelines